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Venus Retrograde :

Shukraya Namah

Sukra or Venus is being retrograde or Vakri. The course of Venus in this direction will be for 42 days and at the end of this phase. Venus is passing through the Uttara-shada nakshatra nowadays and after becoming retrograde it will be going backward and enter into the Poorva-shada nakshatra and at the time of becoming direct it will be there in Poorva-shada nakshatra only. The course of Venus is dealt with detail in our mundane classics but we are dealing only the retrograde course of the Venus during next 42 days.

What is Retrogression ?
Grace Inglis wrote this in the book "Retrograde Planets"
"Each of the planets, irrespective of whether inferior or outer reaches particular positions in it's orbit, where from the point of view of an observer on Earth, the planet will slow down in it's direct motion; becomes stationary in the sky, and then appear to reverse the direction of it's motion in moving backwards in the sky. It is the this latter motion which we call retrograde motion"
It is understood that actually no planet moves in retrograde motion. It can not move like that. Planet can move only in one direction. Retro gradation is an illusory motion as far as the observer is concerned from a particular point from Zodiac.

A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this optical illusion. Retrograde periods, although often problematic for us earthlings, are not particularly uncommon. Each planet retrogrades,
except the Sun and Moon.

A retrograde period is best seen as a cycle, beginning when the planet begins to slow to a halt before traveling backwards through the zodiac and ending when the planet returns to the point where it first paused.
However, during the cycle, the planet's energy is most powerful (and more likely to generate critical events of universal importance) when the planet makes a station, appearing motionless in the sky. These stationary periods occur near the beginning of the cycle (when the planet first halts as it prepares to move backwards) and midway through the cycle when the retrograde planet slows to a stop before moving forward again. The "direct station" (when the planet halts before moving forward again) is the most powerful and can be used for maximum benefit.

What does Venus rule:-

In mundane Astrology Venus has direct reference for the social and festive side of the life. Venus represents enjoyment and pleasure. Venus also represents art,

poetry, music, theaters, amusements, films etc. Harmony between different societies or communities comes under it's rule. The Afflicting Venus may indicate the civil war within the country. Venus has rule over marriage and birth also. It is the planet of peace and harmony and in that way it may indicate truce and treaties between warring countries or communities.
Textiles specifically fine quality products like silk, rayon, beautiful paintings, photography, hotels, fashion world, public festivals like holi and Christmas and eid etc, scents, beauty-parlours are all come under the rularship of Venus.
Venus also rules the finance of the nation. The rise and fall of currency and commodities like silver, cotton, sugar, ghee, rice, sweets etc. all come under the rule of Venus.

What does Venus effect:-
Few authorities believe that the influence of benefic planets weakened when they are retrograde. In Indian Astrology we relate this phase of benefic planets like Venus, Mercury, Jupiter etc. to the change of pricing of commodities ruled by these planets. Take for a example that Venus rules Cotton and when it turns retrograde on 24th of December there must be a change in the line of pricing of cotton. In case cotton's price are going down it may shoot up after 24th or vice versa. This formula will be applied for other thing also ruled by Venus ie. Sugar, Silver, Rice, Ghee etc.
Venus retrogression may drive people towards unconventional love expressions. There may be a rise in the crime against women in general as in the course of retrogression Venus is continuously aspected by Saturn.
During the retrogression of Venus Artists, musicians and poets and all those people ruled by the Venus may find themselves in a unusual situation where there may be extra urge for creative work or they may completely denounce the creativity for a time being when Venus is in retrograde motion.

Marital discords between the couple may shoot up during this motion. There may considerable amounts of emotional strain be found during this motion of Venus as it also rules the emotional side of man. There will be some unusual things as far as people's interest in the glamorous and fashion world is concerned.
Some unusual trends can be found in the value of national currency. The value of Rupee may be strengthen against Dollor.
According to Brihat Samhita When Venus pass through the Poorva and Uttara shada nakshatras the following results may happen.
Destruction of crops, outbreaks of fires and diseases caused by the vitiation of Bile. This will also trouble people with hunger, thieves and afflict the people of Kashmir(India). As the Venus being aspected by Saturn during it's motion it may affect the people of Varanasi(India) also.

Aquatic animals and products will suffer and diseases will spread during this retrograde motion of Venus through these 2 nakshatras




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